Susan's Free Form Crochet

Free form crochet allows the crocheter such a unique freedom of expression!
These are a few of the pieces I have made.

Click on a thumbnail image to get a bigger picture!
For these first three pieces I followed the pattern from The Crochet Workbook for a textured scrumble just to get the feel for what free form was like.
This piece was my first original free form work.  It is said in The Crochet Workbook that the tendency is to work in the round, and that certainly happened here!
By this time I was thoroughly hooked on free form and was just experimenting.
From the time I first started free forming, I wanted to try a spiral shape.  It eluded me for so long that by the time I finally figured out how to do it, I had to continue the spiral for awhile to make sure I had it right.
With this one, I began to loosely experiment with a random wave pattern from The Crochet Workbook, but very quickly veered from the pattern and began to do my own thing.
My passion ever since learning of free form has been to create seascapes.  This was an experiment with some rocks and water.
My current work in progress is this cloudy sky, to which I will attach an ocean.
This is the beginning of a round robin wall hanging I created.  Four other people will now be adding to it.  I can't wait to see how it turns out!

Free Form Page found here!

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